rt360 Product Suite

BCT Digital’s rt360 risk management product suite transforms the world’s leading enterprises, drawing on the strengths of next-generation technologies, sophisticated AI/ML models, data-driven algorithms, and predictive analytics. Its revolutionary fintech, regtech, and cleantech solutions help enterprises optimize their core governance, risk, and compliance processes, enabling them to augment their positioning and go-to-market capabilities.
  • Cost-effective

  • Automated and user-friendly

  • Technology-driven

rt360 Credit Risk Suite helps financial institutions monitor credit portfolios effectively. It enables lenders and portfolio managers to have tighter control over their asset book at all times, at any point in the loan lifecycle.

  • End to End Governance Compliance

  • End to End Automation

  • Identify and mitigate critical and newer risks

rt360 Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) suite is designed to manage enterprise risks, ensuring end-to-end governance and compliance. It allows organizations to achieve an end-to-end automation of their GRC processes by enabling linkage to in-house systems and external sources.

  • Model configuration & management

  • Risk estimation

  • Validation

rt360 Model Risk Management (MRM) enables organizations to focus on key business areas while minimizing the hassle of data aggregation, model development, model validation, regulatory reporting, and model performance assessment.

  • Liquidity risk management

  • IRRB measurement

  • Optimisation

rt360 Asset Liability Management (ALM) helps to monitor and report liquidity and Interest rate risks. It provides a platform to manage the balance between assets, liabilities and investment portfolio mix using business rules for parameter definition and ratio analysis.

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rt360 product suite