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rt360 Governance, Risk & Compliance Suite

From the award-winning rt360 product suite

The rt360 Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) suite

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) landscape is constantly evolving. On one hand we have newer and complex types of risks such as IT Security, Data Privacy and Business Continuity; and on the other hand, the regulators are continuously introducing newer standards such as COBIT 2019, NIST, GDPR and ISO 22301 for immediate action on compliance and reporting.

The rt360 Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) suite is designed to manage enterprise risks, ensuring end-to-end governance and compliance. It allows organizations to achieve an end-to-end automation of their GRC processes by enabling linkage to in-house systems and external sources.

Key Features

Expandable industry-specific risk library

It can accommodate new requirements and is compliant with global frameworks

Global frameworks supported include ISO, COSO and COBIT

Quantification of risk


Prioritization of risks by approaches like rank ordering and criticality levels

Consolidation of risks at an organizational level

Calculation of risk assessment score and residual risk instantaneously

Estimation of dollar value impact/loss for management reporting

Comprehensive workflow and case management

Action on all critical incidents and alerts

Record of audit trail of all actions taken

Advanced case management, such as grouping and re-assignment

Mobility and cloud-enablement


The product can be hosted on private/public/hybrid cloud models

Close incidents/alerts on the go

View dashboards, reports from smartphones

Regional language enablement


Languages supported include Arabic and French

Flexible commercial models


Commercial models available on license/subscription basis

Key Functionalities

Enterprise Risk Management
Governance Risk and Compliance

Risk control & self-assessment enabled through workshops and surveys

Map risks to business process and consolidate at line of business/organization level

Monitor key risks, set thresholds for alerts and notifications

Complete risk assessment as per global standards, like ISO, COSO & COBIT

Audit & Compliance Management
Governance Risk and Compliance

Streamline audit and compliance processes

Manage audit and compliance calendars

Initiate and track findings through comprehensive workflow

Perform risk-based audit

Test control effectiveness and compliance initiatives

IT Risk
Governance Risk and Compliance

Complies with global security standards like COBIT 5, NIST and organization-specific IT policies

Identify IT risks and controls through workshops, surveys & questionnaires

Out-of-the-box capability to integrate with external data feeds

Tracking of IT threats and vulnerabilities

Business Continuity Management
Governance Risk and Compliance

Risk Assessment & Business Impact Analysis

Create Business Continuity Plans (BCP) & map with processes

Track Recovery Action plans

Manage, track, and close plans, issues and actions triggered from risk assessments, plan tests, and track progress

Vendor Risk Management
Governance Risk and Compliance

Maintain list of active vendors and project profiles as one centralized repository

Effective on-boarding, managing and separation of vendors

Risk categorization of third-parties or vendors through a comprehensive checklist

Track renewal due dates with automatic escalation and reminders

Risk Quantification
Governance Risk and Compliance

A flexible and intuitive scoring mechanism

Alternative AI & ML approach for scoring of risks

Attribute scores to measures such as key risks, residual risks, and control effectiveness

Incident Management
Governance Risk and Compliance

Recording and quantification of loss

Flexible alerting mechanism

SMS/e-mail integration

Predicting similar incidents in the near future


Accelerated time to market
Accelerated time to market

By way of a ready-to-deploy framework with pre-built connectors

Improved compliance
Improved compliance

Through continuously updated compliance mandates from regulators, out of the box

Mitigated risks and Increased profitability
Mitigated risks & eased profitability

By bringing in global best practices with minimal customization, lowering TCO

Competitive advantage
Competitive advantage

By enabling enterprises to scale up in a SaaS model, with a host of deployment options

Value Proposition

Improved compliance
Business first, technology next approach
Functional decomposition gives financial institutions flexibility
Industry-specific risk registers, controls
Flexible pricing models
Compliant to global GRC frameworks
Highly modular, allowing financial institutions to select services
Flexible commercials and deployment models


rt360 Early Warning System

Identify credit risks proactively leveraging end-to-end predictive analytics.

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rt360 Model Risk Management

Global regulators in recent times have paid an increasing attention to managing risks arising from extensive use of models in decision making.

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rt360 Asset Liability Management

Growing regulatory mandates by the Bank of International Settlements’ (BIS) demand automated systems for robust asset-liability management.

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rt360 RAROC Calculator

As you focus on credit growth for your bank, capital allocation and pricing is critical to maximizing profitability and driving sustainable growth

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rt360 Expected Credit Loss

With the introduction of the global International Financial Reporting Standards-9 (IFRS 9) and its equivalent Indian Accounting Standards (IND AS) 109, financial institutions are adopting scientific methods for computing credit losses.

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risk management suite

rt360 is a risk management product suite to manage the entire risk portfolio of banks and financial institutions that includes credit risk, capital allocation, pricing risk, liquidity risk, model risk and operational risk.

rt360 is designed by bankers, risk practitioners and technology specialists with a Business First, Technology Next approach, empowering banks and financial institutions to focus on their credit growth and profitability while managing their risks. The product is fully designed and made in India to address the complexities of the financial sector globally. The suite comprises of five distinct products to manage each of the risk portfolio.