Leading Asian bank streamlines collections process with rt360 Collections Management System

Slippage reduction by ~40 bps and ROA improvement by ~8 bps

About The Client

The client is a large Asian bank, with an asset size of over USD 90 billion
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3 - 3 months
Phased implementation



The bank was faced with numerous challenges, including a growing number of customers and branches, and a non-strategic approach to collections caused by manual processes, delays in collaborating between branches, units, and departments, and lack of data-driven insights. Acknowledging the need to strengthen their current process, the bank embarked on a journey to automate their collections process and to adopt a more customer-friendly approach through omnichannel engagement. These issues necessitated the bank to focus on streamlining their collection process to ensure operational and cost efficiency. They collaborated with BCT Digital to implement the rt360 Collections Management System, with outstanding results.

The challenge:

  • Massive customer volume and large number of branches
  • Inability to strategize collection process based on customer riskiness
  • Operational inefficiencies due to manual collection processes
  • Difficulty in obtaining timely updates from branches, call centers, and field collection executives
  • Issues in generating valuable collection related insights, primarily due to lack of collection analytics and reporting capabilities


The client chose to collaborate with BCT Digital to implement their IP Product rt360 Collections Management System at their premises. The phased engagement was completed in an accelerated time frame of 3-6 months. Part of BCT Digital’s rt360 Credit Risk Suite, the rt360 Collections Management System helps in automating and streamlining the collection process end-to-end. The following business-critical functionalities were packaged as part of the product:
  • Prioritization & bucketing: Utilizes configurable rules for prioritization, handles exceptions by products and business lines, and employs machine learning algorithms to identify patterns like self-cures and early payers. Includes detailed plans for collections and tracking.
  • Actionable strategies & workflow: Supports a strategy tree for optimal action selection, integrates with communication and payment systems, and allows for customized workflows including on-the-spot decisions and audit trails.
  • Monitoring & follow-ups: Enhances monitoring through geo-tagging of agents, uploads of field data, and centralized document storage. This system captures detailed follow-up actions and outcomes to optimize collection routes and strategies.
  • Analytics & reporting: Provides comprehensive analytics on portfolio performance, delinquency trends, and efficiency metrics. Offers insights into optimal contact timings and goal achievements, aiding in strategic adjustments and performance enhancements.


Today, the bank uses rt360 EWS to monitor credit exposures above INR 25 crores, which makes 70% of its loan portfolio. rt360 EWS has strengthened its ability to monitor accounts and ensure asset quality.

  • rt360 EWS enables 100% compliance with RBI and DFS mandates
  • Exceeds the expected regulatory coverage of INR 50+ crore exposure
  • 935+ corporate customers with a total exposure of INR 1.46 lakh crore are proactively monitored, along with 360-degree borrower profiling
  • Customized dashboard and reporting for senior management
  • End-to-end automation of data collection, alert generation and workflow configuration for faster decision-making
  • Tremendous savings by automating CRM forms processing

We highly value our partnership with BCT Digital, they have enhanced our ability to better serve our customers and offer competitive prices while at the same time significantly improving our profitability across product lines.



An automated and efficient collections machinery:
  • Reduction in slippages by ~40 bps over a quarter
  • Improvement in RoA by ~8 bps over a quarter
  • Improvement of NIM by ~13 bps over a quarter
  • Improved cashflow forecasting ability

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