India’s leading development bank secures savings of more than US $2 billion through rt360 Early Warning System (EWS)

Over 17 lakh accounts monitored

Client Profile

The bank was established in 1964 to provide financial support for the fledgling Indian industry. It was re-categorized as a private sector bank for regulatory purposes by the RBI in 2019. Among other entities, the bank has 1,890+ branches, 1,400+ centers and an aggregate size of ₹3.74 trillion.

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After realizing the impact of rising NPAs on the bank’s balance sheet, it felt the need for technology intervention to protect its credit portfolio. The bank worked with BCT Digital to implement the rt360 Early Warning System (EWS) solution to minimize NPAs, improve account visibility, adhere to regulatory mandates, and automate credit processes – with outstanding results.

The challenge:

  • The bank was struggling with increasing NPA levels that impacted up to 10% of its total assets. With NPAs amounting to US$2B each year, the bank needed to become more vigilant and proactive in maintaining asset quality.
  • There was a need to adequately assess the financial position of customers. Due to the poor visibility into accounts, the bank failed to gain a consolidated view of customer statuses, and in turn lacked the information to keep an account from becoming an NPA.
  • With respect to compliance with regulatory mandates, there was high pressure from regulators to identify and declare borrower accounts as Red Flag Accounts and Special Mention Accounts.
  • The manual process for regulatory reporting was time-consuming and error-prone. Automating end-to-end reporting was a crucial need.


BCT Digital implemented rt360 EWS at the bank’s premises, enabling it to track large volumes of corporate and retail portfolios for early warning indicators of stress. rt360 EWS features predictive scorecards to rate accounts basis their propensity to default. It helped in evaluating customer portfolios efficiently while empowering the bank with advanced NPA monitoring capabilities, automated reporting, and regulatory compliance.

The Solution:

Today, rt360 EWS is empowering the bank to focus on its credit growth and profitability while managing risks efficiently.

  • The bank uses rt360 EWS to monitor over 17 lakh accounts, processing 1.5 lakh data points per day
  • rt360 EWS processes over 80 lakhs data per month, generating 2,000+ alerts and 25,000 notifications
  • The bank secured tremendous savings – to the tune of US$2 billion over a two-year period – through rt360’s intelligent credit monitoring and automation.

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risk management suite

rt360 is a risk management product suite to manage the entire risk portfolio of banks and financial institutions that includes credit risk, capital allocation, pricing risk, liquidity risk, model risk and operational risk.

rt360 is designed by bankers, risk practitioners and technology specialists with a Business First, Technology Next approach, empowering banks and financial institutions to focus on their credit growth and profitability while managing their risks. The product is fully designed and made in India to address the complexities of the financial sector globally. The suite comprises of five distinct products to manage each of the risk portfolio.

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