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The client is the third-largest bank in India offering a wide assortment of financial products to large and mid-size corporates, SME and retail businesses.

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Business Landscape

Corporate banking in India is passing through a turbulent time. Shrinking lending margins, higher instances of cyber-attacks, competition from start-up fintech and digital savvy clients are taking a toll on traditional Indian banking. To thrive in this environment corporate banks are evaluating ways and means to make sweeping transformations and to bring in operational efficiencies as well as convenience for their customers. Innovation in products and pricing are among the top priorities of modern Indian banks.


Choosing the right partner

‘The bank was looking for a partner who shared the bank’s vision and could help them drive operational efficiencies with a renewed pricing framework and therefore contribute towards the profitable growth of the corporate banking division. BCT Digital emerged as the natural choice, given our experience and commitment to delivering sustainable transformation for our customers globally, adapting advancements in technology, customized to individual client needs.


The Opportunity

The client’s existing pricing framework was based on obsolete systems and processes and in many cases the pricing mechanism was not commensurate with the risks involved. The Bank wanted to introduce an improved pricing architecture that leveraged the latest technology innovations and process advances to significantly improve profitability across their client base. They were looking to create a framework that would give them an edge over competition, taking into account new variables such as market direction and competitor analytics.


Our Solution

BCT Digital worked with the bank to identify current process and technology gaps. Our team of experts redefined processes and came up with a pricing architecture that not only adhered to industry standards and best practices but also took into account the interests of the bank.

The framework reduced operational efforts and induced decision-making to improve overall profitability and returns. A key aspect of the solution is the three modules that were created:

  • Data Input Module that ingests customer/facility data, utilization, pricing, cost of funds, rating and security.
  • Computation Module that computes risk weighted assets, capital and risk adjusted return
  • Customer wise and segment wise profitability (relevant for relationship managers
  • Sensitivity analysis of profitability (important for risk department staff)

Business Impact

  • Increased profitability with credit profile-based pricing that considers diverse elements such as tenure, ancillary income etc.
  • Augmented client targeting and upsell opportunities through a holistic view of the customer, with options to access overall as well as product wise profitability.
  • Comprehensive risk management by taking into account collateral/guarantee in computation of loss instead of relying solely on credit rating
  • Accurate determination of sales targets with the introduction of systematic budgeting for yearly/quarterly account planning
  • Enriched quality of the information as a result of introducing an access controlled, workflow-based system.
  • Improved user experience with an easy to adopt framework that provided multiple input interfaces and integration options.

We highly value our partnership with BCT Digital, they have enhanced our ability to better serve our customers and offer competitive prices while at the same time significantly improving our profitability across product lines.


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risk management suite

rt360 is a risk management product suite to manage the entire risk portfolio of banks and financial institutions that includes credit risk, capital allocation, pricing risk, liquidity risk, model risk and operational risk.

rt360 is designed by bankers, risk practitioners and technology specialists with a Business First, Technology Next approach, empowering banks and financial institutions to focus on their credit growth and profitability while managing their risks. The product is fully designed and made in India to address the complexities of the financial sector globally. The suite comprises of five distinct products to manage each of the risk portfolio.

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risk management suite

rt360 Risk Management Product suite is built by BCT Digital, a division of Bahwan Cybertek.

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