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Improve asset quality and reduce NPA/NPL through proactive monitoring of loan portfolios

rt360 EWS is a transformative product that has pioneered tech-based early warning methodology to overcome the challenges in credit risk monitoring. It is designed to continuously monitor for early warning indicators and aid bankers in identifying potential stress or fraud in borrower accounts well before default occurs. The Early Warning System (EWS) is a central component of the Credit Risk Suite.

What makes rt360 Early Warning System the best choice?

Automates Monitoring

Integration Capabilities

Python-Based AI/ML Modeling Framework

Rule Engine

Data-driven insights

Corrective action planning

Modularized business services approach

Web and mobile based access

Improve the asset quality | Increase Credit Growth | Reduce your NPA/NPL | Improve compliance

Why BCT Digital ?

Pioneer in Early Warning System

BCT Digital’s rt360 EWS is the preferred product for large banks across the globe

Ranked by Chartis Research in the top 100 risk management companies in the world

Category leaders in Banking Analytics, GRC and Model Risk Management

Domain expertise and proven experience (OEM+SI) under one roof

Business first, technology agnostic; No black-box-type approach to risk management

rt360 - EWS Case Study

Discover how rt360 Early Warning System is helping banks and financial institutions optimize risk management to achieve growth and profitability.

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