Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management


rt360 Enterprise Management

‘rt360-Enterprise Risk Management’ is a powerful product underpinned by “Business First, Technology Next” approach that helps banks, identify and control risks arising out of banking operations.

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The risk can arise from people, process, and systems from both internal and external sources, e-commerce frauds, and others. The Product is fully compliant with the Pillar I, Pillar II, Pillar III, and stress testing requirements of Basel-II and Basel-III guidelines.


Risk control and self-assessment


Risk control and self-assessment (RCSA) based on Basel guidelines

Recognize key risk indicators


Recognize key risk indicators based on the threshold, benchmark and occurrences & designate risk owners and automatically send notifications

Capture Loss Data


Capture Loss Data & build action plan to initiate rapid recoveries

Reports and Dashboards


Reports and Dashboards based on business and risk category with pre-configured reports and charts



Improved resolution turn-around time (TAT) with automated processes

Increased productivity


Increased productivity by identifying and assessing key operational risk exposures proactively

Gained visibility


Gained visibility on risks from its operational framework


rt360 Early Warning System

Identify credit risks proactively leveraging end-to-end predictive analytics

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rt360 Enterprise Risk Management

As technology and new business models evolve, you need to cope with risks arising from multiple facets of banking operations.

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rt360 Model Risk Management

Global regulators in recent times have paid an increasing attention to managing risks arising from extensive use of models in decision making.

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rt360 Asset Liability Management

Growing regulatory mandates by the Bank of International Settlements’ (BIS) demand automated systems for robust asset-liability management.

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rt360 RAROC Calculator

As you focus on credit growth for your bank, capital allocation and pricing is critical to maximizing profitability and driving sustainable growth

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rt360 Expected Credit Loss

With the introduction of the global International Financial Reporting Standards-9 (IFRS 9) and its equivalent Indian Accounting Standards (IND AS) 109, financial institutions are adopting scientific methods for computing credit losses.

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rt360 is a risk management

rt360 is a risk management product suite to manage the entire risk portfolio of banks and financial institutions that includes credit risk, capital allocation, pricing risk, liquidity risk, model risk and operational risk.

rt360 is designed by bankers, risk practitioners and technology specialists with a Business First, Technology Next approach, empowering banks and financial institutions to focus on their credit growth and profitability while managing their risks. The product is fully designed and made in India to address the complexities of the financial sector globally. The suite comprises of five distinct products to manage each of the risk portfolio.