NASSCOM Product conclave 2019 10X CHALLENGE Scale @ Speed in Bangaluru, Taj Yeshwanthpur

05th – 06th Nov 2019

The theme of NASSCOM Product Conclave 2019 was focused on core strategies to scale up the country’s robust product ecosystem. The 10X Growth Challenge at NPC was to embed key takeaways from industry leaders, peers, influencers, and the digital ecosystem at large so as to enable their growth potential. Dr. Jaya Vaidhyanathan, CEO-BCT Digital was the chief moderator for the panel discussion – “FinTech – Engines of growth to achieve the impossible” which focused on the Fintech industry which is no more in its nascent stage in India, and which needed to scale up and help India become a Vishwa Guru – unlike the case of the manufacturing revolution that was missed.
She was also a panel speaker for the topic “FinTech in traditional banking space” which highlighted on how high quality of assets is fundamental to our strength and viability as a nation? This brought in a perspective on current scenario that challenged the stability and how FinTechs play a big role in restoring the faith in the banking system?