Indian Chamber of Commerce “WOMEN LEADERS CONCLAVE 2020”

22nd January, 2020

Inspiring & Engaging Women of Today for a better tomorrow.

The ICC forum acted as a catalyst for discussion on the role of regulatory reforms to support the cause of women empowerment, diversity and inclusivity. The forum witnessed discussion on critical issues like Women in the C-Suite, Investor outlook on women-led entrepreneurial ventures and from parental leaves to equal pay, to successfully maintaining a work –life balance.

Dr.Jaya Vaidhyanthan was on the panel and discussed on the topic “Empowering Businesses for a Better India” and focused on the conscious shift in the role of Senior women leaders and men as allies – Increasing gender diversity in boardroom Role of men in encouraging Women at Workplace – Strengthening the C-Suite by preparing the next gen Leaders and Creating a culture that promotes women Leaders