GRC frameworks are becoming more modular: Jaya Vaidhyanathan, CEO, BCT Digital

Express Computer

Oct 26, 2021

GRC traditionally used to be siloed, and the technology underpinning it, monolithic. Simply put, in the age of cloud, AI/ML, and microservices, this is no longer a viable option for companies that wish to rise to the opportunities of the new world and deliver, opines Jaya Vaidhyanathan, CEO, BCT Digital, in a detailed interview

Key Things To Follow To Avoid Defaulting On Your Loans

Forbes Advisor

Oct 14, 2021

People take loans when they need to cater to different expenses, such as buying a home or vehicle, seeking education or tackling emergencies, when ready cash is not available. Such a loan is considered defaulted when principal or interest payments have not been done for over 90 days. Borrowers may default on loans for different reasons. It could be due to adverse economic circumstances, like loss of income or added expenses that prevent them from paying EMIs on time.

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The ascent of the cloud in fintech


September 28, 2021

India is undergoing a renaissance in terms of technology use in the financial domain. It is not very long ago when we thought of “any branch banking” as a revolution in customer focus, convenience, and a marvel of technology. Today, India is leading the world with services such as UPI, making money transfers fast and economical, with India leading the world in real-time payments.