BCT Digital launches the first ever
‘Real-Time Early Warning Systems’
to tackle Non-Performing Assets


rt360 is built by BCT Digital, a division of Bahwan CyberTek and is committed to providing integrated risk management solutions. It is a suite of products, each of which specifically addresses various risk management needs.


TECHNOVITI 2020 award, EWS Product
6th edition of the Banking Frontiers’ Technoviti Conference and Award 2020


“FinTech Innovator of the Year”


“Overall Risk Management Solution Provider of the Year”
2nd edition of the CISO Leadership Summit & Awards, 2019


“Innovation of the year”
International Business Awards
The Stevies 2019



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rt360 Product Suite

rt360 risk management product suite is built by BCT Digital, a division of Bahwan Cybertek.

Discover how our products can help you manage risks, improve growth and profitability.


rt360 Early Warning System

  • Monitor credit
  • Identify stressed accounts
  • Reduce NPA

rt360 EWS is an AI-based predictive analytics product underpinned by powerful data analytics capabilities to proactively identify risks, enable faster recovery, assess future credit growth, increase collaterals, and reduce NPA – all while improving profitability.

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rt360 RAROC Calculator

  • Risk-based pricing
  • Capital allocation
  • Revenue analysis

The ‘rt360-RAROC Calculator’ is a product that enables risk-based pricing & capital allocation. The product aggregates data from disparate systems to help lending professionals accurately assess customer profitability.

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rt360 Model Risk Management

  • Model configuration & management
  • Risk estimation
  • Validation

rt360 Model Risk Management enables organizations to focus on key business areas while minimizing the hassle of data aggregation, model development, model validation, regulatory reporting and model performance assessment.

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rt360 Enterprise Risk Management

  • Risk control & self assessment
  • Key risk indicators

rt360 Enterprise Risk Management enables early identification and management of operational risks related to people, process, systems from both internal and external sources. The out of the box features comes with the Pillar I, Pillar II, Pillar III, and stress testing requirements of Basel-II and Basel-III guidelines.

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rt360 Asset-Liability Management

  • Liquidity risk management
  • IRRB measurement
  • Optimisation

rt360 Asset Liability Management helps to monitor and report liquidity and Interest rate risks. It provides a platform to manage the balance between assets, liabilities and investment portfolio mix using business rules for parameter definition and ratio analysis.

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rt360 Expected Credit Loss

  • IFRS 9
  • IND AS 109 Product suite
  • Validation and Calibration

rt360 Expected Credit Loss helps to recognize expected change in credit risk and provide a framework to manage forward-looking credit loss. The product is designed to comply with the Indian regulations and specific nuances of Indian financial institutions.

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Thought Leadership

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Thought Leadership unique
By rt360 May 28, 2020

Staying sure-footed in the new normal

Credit monitoring and preventive intervention with real-time Early Warning Systems

The large-scale disruption brought on by the new normal calls for financial institutions to exercise more caution when it comes to managing their lending activities. Technology-aided solutions, like the real-time Early Warning System developed by BCT Digital, are changing the game – by detecting systemic flaws and vulnerabilities, and upholding the sanctity of the credit management process. On a macro scale, these systems will be instrumental for FIs to build the systemic stability and competitive advantage needed to thrive in the new normal.

Kasthuri Rangan Bhaskar
VP, Financial Services Practice & Risk SME (Lead) at BCT Digital
Shankar Ravichandran
Senior Manager at BCT Digital
Ashish Jajodia
CFA Senior Consultant, Risk management at BCT Digital

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Thought Leadership
By rt360 January 13, 2020

Making big leaps in Banking with Big Data

The banking risk management scenario is steadily evolving. The system of compiling data from information silos and feeding them into manual spreadsheets is now fading into the past.

Ramkumar Iyer
Lead Technical Architect at BCT Digital
Rajiv Singh
Principal Consultant at BCT Digital

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Thought Leadership
By rt360 January 13, 2020

rt360 and the Risk-Adjusted Return on Capital (RAROC) calculator

The struggle that banks face in combating credit risks is multi-dimensional. Foremost among them is determining the right capital allocation and pricing for different sources of their revenue.

Shankar Ravichandran
Senior Manager at BCT Digital

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aibased, Thought Leadership
By rt360 January 13, 2020

AI-based Models and Model Risk

AI-based models are more susceptible to certain risks than their conventional counterparts, unless they are put through proper governance and oversight mechanisms. We will look at some of the model risks AI models may be susceptible (over its conventional counterparts).

Kasthuri Rangan Bhaskar
VP, Financial Services Practice & Risk SME (Lead) at BCT Digital

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By rt360 October 15, 2020

5th Edition New Age Banking Summit Oman, at Hotel Sheraton Oman, Muscat

Oct 6, 2020

New Age Banking Summit conducted its 5th edition virtual event that explored new technologies and methodologies that can further accelerate the banking sector to new heights, with interactive panel discussions, focused sessions by industry experts sharing their insights and experience, and networking sessions with banking professionals.

Jaya Vaidhyanathan, CEO - BCT Digital presented the future of banking, innovation and digital delivery by imposing the necessity of digital transformation due to the banks adjusting to a new world order during this pandemic. Focus on the staying safe through this COVID-19; taking measures to manage risks in the aftermath of such black swan events; the way forward to Oman economy in the BFSI segment through credit risk mitigation case study of real-time early warning systems, IFRS9 and Expected Credit Loss solutions were the in-depth knowledge shared by Jaya Vaidhyanathan in the summit so as to bring the Oman’s banking industry at par with its counter parts across the globe.

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By rt360 August 5, 2020

COVID 19 FinTech Showcase – Artificial Intelligence and ML

May 14 , 2020

BCT Digital’s experts Mr. Kasthuri Rangan Bhaskar, VP - Risk Management and Mr. Chandrakumar Natarajan - General Manager Sales shared their profound knowledge on 'Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning' webinar, organized by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI). Ms Jyoti Vij, Deputy Secretary General, FICCI opened the webinar by sharing welcome remarks. Further, to which an Overview and Brief remarks was delivered Mr. Sudhakar Ramasubramian, Chair, FICCI Fintech Committee and Chief Digital Officer, IndusInd Bank

Discussions were focused around how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are transforming the banking and financial services sector and in taming volatility and market fluctuations. 50+ officials, viz. CROs, CEOs, CTOs, VPs, etc., from top banks were part of the session.

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By rt360 March 2, 2020

Businessworld Women Entrepreneurship Summit & Awards 2020, New Delhi

Feb 20 – 21, 2020

Celebrating India’s Women Change-preneurs of Today and Rising Stars of Tomorrow. Women Entrepreneurship Summit & Awards (WESA), event focused on moving a step further from ‘empowerment’ and pursuing to acknowledge and enable women leaders & achievers who have opened up new opportunities for themselves & for others.

At this event, Jaya Vaidhyanathan was the panel speaker at WESA, wherein she highlighted some of the trends that will define the decade ahead and pointers that entrepreneurs must remember, especially from decoding technology viewpoint. She also highlighted the role of ‘sustainability’, and the need to contextualise it.

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By rt360 September 29, 2020

The Transformative Potential Of India’s Data Center Parks

CIO Review India

Sep 29, 2020

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By rt360 September 27, 2020

What is the one thing that keeps you motivated


Sep 27, 2020

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